Sunday, March 16, 2014

C'est Quoi Ca?

When I was home visiting the US of A I was asked to do another “What could this be?” post... Like the one I did back in April 2013. These days, everything seems to look so normal to me (and yet not at all) – so I had to take some time to figure out what pictures to post for another round. Here it is – I hope it's not too easy!

I think we all know the rules but I will repost them just in case.

Rules: Below are five pictures. Some are easy some are more difficult. In the comments tell me what is shown in each picture. There will be a prize again!! I'll pick a name, just like last time, everyone who [really] tries to answer will be included! (This means that you can peek at each others answers all you want).

Benin PCVs... This is for people at home.

One last caveot. Last time, Everything I pictured had been previously mentioned on the blog. This time? Not so much. You have until April 15th. Bonne Chance!!


1. Wagashi (local cheese)
2. Polio Vaccinators: this shows that no children live in my house and therefore none were vaccinated.
3. Body Powder
4. Beignets
5. Bissap
Winner: Sheryl


  1. besides the vampire blood--i have no idea but i will give it a good try!!!

    2.....your house number
    3....some sort of flour that being put in bags to sell
    4...fried dough balls--like dounuts
    5...hibiscus juice

    maybe you could give me some sort of hint for number 2---is someone teaching you benin math?

  3. I change two to chalk board----dad idea

  4. Bread
    The wall of your house?
    Powdered milk
    Fried dough with sugar

  5. 1) Cheese
    2) message that you will be home at 4 pm
    3) detergent
    4) fried doughnuts
    5) bissap

    - Sheryl and Erik <3