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Before I left for Benin I made a post listing the "Top 10" things I thought I would miss while I living in Africa. I thought that this would make for an interesting thing to reflect on as I move through the different landmarks of my service.

The Landmarks are:  Pre-Departure, Swear-In, After Integration, 6 Months at Post, 1 Year in Benin, 1 Year at Post, After Visiting Home, COS Conference and Going Home.

I think it is interesting to see how things move on and off this list as time goes by.
The lists are in no particular order and do not include people or animals.

The Original 10 - Pre-Departure

The Shore
Philadelphia’s Vegan Food Scene
Peanut Chews
Going on Road Trips
Game Nights
Constant Internet Access
Reliable Electricity
Iced Tea
Swear-In - Now In Village
*The original Post and Explanations are here.

The Shore
Food In General (I have no problems keeping my diet here but BOY do I miss some variety)
Safe Tap Water
Peanut Chews
Reliable Texting
Washing Machines
A Soft Pillow
Going Barefoot
Reading Cory Booker's Twitter every morning after checking the news.

After Integration - Six Months In Country

Food Variety
Knowing what is happening in the world -- News? Anyone?
My Dad's Iced Tea
Game Nights
Being able to Google everything I want to know -- when I want to know it
Cooking for my family
Cold water that doesn't taste like a pool
Safe and Reliable Transportation
Wawa (peanut chews.. hoagies.. potato chips for my hoagie)
Note: I now read Cory's Twitter feed in the evenings.

6 Months At Post

Feeling Clean
Daiya Cheese
American Sports
Real Sunglasses
Not eating alone
Fancy Shoes
Speaking Correctly
Palatable Beer or Wine
The Franklin Institute
Daily News Reports
Note: Keep sending my Chews. The only reason they aren't on this list is because YOU ARE AWESOME!
1 Year In Benin

Summer Picnics and Barbecues  
Going to the shore
Coffee Shops
Having a car to get places
Feeling/Being Clean
Outdoorsy stuff like hiking or canoeing
Cooking fancy meals
Getting my e-mail on my phone
Not cutting my own hair
1 Year At Post

Bubble Baths
White Wine
Taking Classes
Rye Bread
After Visiting Home (2/3)

Grocery Stores
Favorite Jewelry
Warm Showers
Jigsaw Puzzle Nights
Smart Phones
Comfortable Car Rides
High Heels
COS Conference

Bubble Baths
Fresh Smelling Laundry
Iced Tea
Peanut Chews
Feeling 100% Healthy
Game Nights
Closing Service (What I will miss in Benin)

Palm Trees
Easy Taxi Transportation
Tissu Shopping
Wearing Tailored Clothes
Amazing Peace Corps Medical Care
Tiny Goats Everywhere
Village Buvettes
The Freshest Fruit

Over and Out.

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  1. Very good idea! Please keep updating throughout service! <3