Sunday, April 7, 2013

C'est quoi ça?

For those of you who don't know. My Better Half aka Love of My Life aka My Best Friend is coming out to see ME at the end of the month. Not to brag or anything.. but it is pretty awesome to be so loved that someone would fly allll the way from Philly to West Africa just to give me a hug.

Since I am feeling very loved. I decided to make YOU feel very loved too. I am embracing the fact that having this blog does in fact make me a blogger (weird right?).. and being a blogger entitles me to do a prize giveaway thing-a-ma-jig!! So we are going to play a game. And then I am going to send Erik home with a prize for someone!!

Rules: Below are five pictures. Some are easy some are more difficult. In the comments tell me what is shown in each picture. Everyone who [really] tries to answer will be included! (This means that you can peek at each other's answers all you want). When Erik gets here he will pick one of your lovely names out of a hat. 

Benin PCVs.. I know what you are thinking. This is for people at home.. 


PS.. I have mentioned all of these items in my blog at one point in one way or another (except maybe one.. OH and that one also happens to be -a form of- the prize).


1. Peanut Butter Sachets
2. Broom
3. Shea Butter
4. Sticky Fruit/ Hurt Baby Fruit/ Azobebe
5. Moringa Seed Pods
Winner: fcrum


  1. This is from all three of us:

    1 - peanut butter?
    2 - a broom
    3 - moringa
    4 - sticky fruit
    5 - beans

    miss you!

  2. ---I agree with Christine--I believe #1 is peanut butter #2 a small whisk broom (it looks too fat to be a fan) #3 moringa 4 tamarillo #5--I wanted it to be Bambara Ground Nuts but it didn't look like the pictures so I'll go with beans

  3. 1 - peanut butter from school
    2 - a fly swatter
    3 - moringa
    4 - sticky fruit
    5 - bean pods

  4. Sorry I couldn't get to this before Erik left. What a great idea! Hope you do another one in the future.

  5. This is Sheryl (same as above). My guesses are:1.peanut butter 2. some type of fan 3. soy cheese with African greens 4. hurt baby fruit 5. moringa bean pod. I was hoping to see mother-in-law stew or voandzu (sp). maybe next time.