Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Things That Matter Most of All.

I am writing an extra blog post this week. AND i am dedicating it to my Mom.. because she requested more posts (apparently a weekly post – on a weekly blog is not adequate)... and because I know that she is sitting at her computer at home either shamelessly promoting me on her facebook (maybe for fear that I will stop writing – don't worry mom I won't) or refreshing the blog incessantly in hopes that something has been updated (even though it's not the weekend). Hope you are pleasantly surprised <3

Thoughts At The End of Training

Five Things I Will No Longer Hate Doing After the Peace Corps:

  1. Going to the Verizon Store... today at the MTN store trying to get my phone replaced I actually said to another volunteer “I really miss queues”
  2. Washing and Drying... Not to be redundant... But I will never again complain about having to put my clothes in the washing machine.
  3. Public Transportation.. NJ Transit IS NOT that bad. As much as I hate taking the bus, at least you get your own seat. (ok maybe I will still dislike buses, just not to the same extent)
  4. Waiting For The Mailman.. he might take awhile, especially when you know that special letter is coming. BUT you know he will arrive.. and you know the letter will too.
  5. Boiling Water... at home I always avoided cooking most things that involved boiling water... I don't like waiting... I think after 2 years of constantly boiling my drinking water (on stoves that seem to take twice as long) I will become desensitized. Or maybe this country will teach me how to wait.

Ten Things I Will Miss Most From Home Revisited:

Original 10
The Shore – Yes Please
Philadelphia’s Vegan Food Scene – I shamelessly follow you online from afar..
Peanut Chews – I have been doing a pretty good job of rationing these out (thank god)
Going on Road Trips – American Road Trips yes... I have no desire to go on a road trip here.
Game Nights – I keep thinking about buying some games and then I remember I have no one to play with :(
Constant Internet Access – Well I caved on that one pretty quickly.
Showers – Bucket Showers!!
Reliable Electricity – So what if it all goes out occasionally?
Sundresses – You would be surprised how quickly thighs become scandalous.
Iced Tea – Oh.. now that I reminded myself!

After Training (still in no specific order)
The Shore
Food In General (I have no problems keeping my diet here but BOY do I miss some variety)
Safe Tap Water
Peanut Chews
Reliable Texting
Washing Machines
A Soft Pillow
Going Barefoot
Reading Cory Booker's Twitter every morning after checking the news.

I'll check back on this one after my first three months at post :)

Don't Forget to Smile Today!


  1. Cory Booker!!
    OK, got that out of the way. Great blog, girl! Keep them coming. You are an excellent writer and it's so cool to get a glimpse into your unique perspective of life from the other side of the globe in a wildly different culture. Maybe on a future post, you could do one about what our cultures have in common? That could be equally as interesting, and even more humanizing. :) Keep up the great work! We are all so proud of you!

    1. You KNOW how I feel about Cory. (and you also know how I feel about you :) love)

      Good idea for a blog post... I'll write it down for another day!! It will take a lot of thinking because the culture here is INCREDIBLY different.

      Love You

  2. ITS YOUR MOM AND YOU KNOW ME WELL!!!!!!!!!Looking/reading your blog and some of the other blogs make me feel connected.Even though I had a great conversation with you today---well--I'm greedy--I wanted more.I WANT MORE!!!Love you tons--MOM

  3. Also I was just reading Laurens blog---how did the meeting go for you. i know we talked about it a little today but I'm being reminded of when you were little and i had to get the BIG INFORMATION from Chuckie or Leah!!!LOL!!