Sunday, November 24, 2013

Welcome Back

Back in village.

While I was gone my house flooded. This is something that I knew about since another volunteer (a complete angel - who also cleaned up after the flood) was checking in on Papaya cat every few days. Papaya is fine, and is very happy that I am back. However, I am starting to wonder if he is the only one.

I don't want to go into details, because I could rant forever and I do my best to try not to complain here in blog land... but since my house flooded (for the third time), and people came in to see the damage.. everyone has decided that I am very messy. Since, for obvious reasons after a flood, my house was quite the disaster. Papaya had freaked out knocking things all over the floor in his room – which is the room that had flooded -- (leading to a lot of things, mostly paperwork, getting ruined. Which meant there was water, and papers, and other small desk items floating all over the floor.

Something else you need to know about Benin, is that if you don't sweep on an almost daily basis, dust just starts to build up. Well, by the time my vacation ended, I had (for all intent and purposes) been away for 6 weeks. First the conference, followed by being very sick.. literally leading right into my vacation home. So the place was dusty, just as anyplace would be dusty after 6 weeks of being away. Duh.

Anyway, the general temper in my living situation at the moment seems to be that me (and my cat) are a complete nuisance, and I am not paying enough to live here given the state of my (inundated) house.

Gee, I'm glad to see you guys too. :(


Oh, I was also told that my cat is dangerous and might eat the children.

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