Sunday, September 9, 2012

Less Than One Week

On September 14th we will be swearing in, and then I will be moving into my house.. and setting up to be out on my own... in Africa. Scary.

Tomorrow is the last day of "technical training" and we are wrapping up our session on how to run an environmental club. My partner and I will be doing a lesson on pollination and we decided to show a clip from Planet Earth!! Yay film segments!! (Probably not realistic at our local schools... Qui sait). I have no confidence standing in front of a room full of people and speaking french.. and I completely crashed and burned when I was giving a lesson on deforestation earlier this week but I have been practicing all day for this one.. so hopefully it will go better. Its really stressful doing something you're normally good at (like talking to a group of people) especially when its easy topics that you know a lot about.. and just not having the capability to get the point across because of a language barrier :/eek.

Aside from learning about how to organize an environmental club, and how Beninese schools work (and how Zoe can lose her phone if she plays with it in class.. oops) we also learned all about mud stoves this week!! YAY MUD STOVES. Actually.. mud stoves are a lot of fun to make.. we stomped around in some mud... and made some villagers very happy by showing them how to make/ by making them a new more efficient stove to cook with (or maybe we just made them happy because we are a bunch of YOVOs). I know pictures were taken during our practice session... so when I get my hands on them I will add a picture!

That was basically it... Nothing too exciting to write home about this week sorry guys!!

We did have a big hotel party last night. We had to have our “after swear-in party” a week early due to scheduling conflicts. So that was kind of silly... but it was a great time lots of dancing and spending time together before we disperse. It is going to be weird when we are no longer all together here in Porto Novo!!

Thinking of Home

*good luck at your new job tomorrow sweetie <3

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