Friday, September 14, 2012

Its Official!

Today was Swear-In for Peace Corps Benin.

Tomorrow everyone is moving to post!! However, I will not be moving to post until some time next week -- My house is not yet ready for me, SO instead I am going to spend a few days with the volunteers in the Mono-Couffo region seeing what EA work is done there. It really makes very little sense (since I will be traveling about 4 hours in the wrong direction -- a few hours past my workstation where i could also easily stay) but hey! it's the program they made for me.. and it will be nice to see another part of the country.

love from your [favorite] PCV

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  1. very nice photo. you look well and be sure to tell your mama and papa how much we appreciate the good care they are taking of you. congratulations. love dad