Saturday, August 4, 2012

A fɔn ganji ya!

This week I tested out of French and into Goun... Which is the local language of my village, and is also the language that my current host family speaks.

Most of the week this week was preparing for the post visit (that starts tomorrow), So I only had one lesson. Most of it was things that I already was taught by my host family (ie salutations)... but I still can't pronounce any of it. The interesting part of the whole language learning process here, is that they are teaching us Goun in French, which is really bizarre, since I barely speak french functionally. I guess its their way of continuing to work on our french.


Un nɔn yin Zoe.
Un tron Amelica.
Un yin Amelicanu.
Un nɔn nɔn Hɔgbonu din.
Un nɔn nɔn New Jersey dayi.

In the mean time...


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