Sunday, October 6, 2013

Been Raining A Lot..

This past week was fairly low key.. except for the government shutting down.
Really guys.. what are you doing over there?

Monday started off with my mid-service medical exam. After a year in Benin we are all required to go in to the office to make sure everything is working correctly and to have all of our bodily fluids analyzed. More or less I am freakishly healthy (maybe for a PCV or maybe just in general). Basically peeing in a cup was the highlight of the week. Unless you count last Sunday when I got a chance to take some much needed beach time but I'm not entirely sure that that counts as this week.


Just because I know people are wondering. The government shutdown isn't “really” effecting us here yet. There are a few bumps (such as the volunteer shuttle that brings mail up north isn't going to run this month) but we are all still working – and at least as of now we still have money to eat. It is really hard to explain to people here what exactly is going on la bas. So the quicker we fix this the better ok guys?


No real updates or things to say this week. Misserete is fine. Friends are fine. Papaya is getting freakishly bigger every day and is terribly cute when he isn't trying to claw my face off. I even had to take off his little kitten collar and give him a bigger one! -- In village I have been busy with some smaller projects and have been trying to find a new big project to work on for my final year as my current big project is wrapping up. (Last week USAID came to my post to check out some of the work I am doing since I am so close to Cotonou and was an easy post for them to get to – that was exciting!) It is the rainy season right now – which means lots of being stuck inside cause de rain. At least there haven't been any floods this year!!!

This coming week is going to be more interesting! Going to go on a few regional day trips to visit some of the new volunteers at site and make sure they are settling in well. One of the big perks of being on PSN!

<3 Z

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