Sunday, September 15, 2013


It has been a really long week of party planning and party prep AND I am exhausted!!

I'm not going to write a big long post this week. I am just going to say Congrats and Du Courage! To all the newbies who swore in on Friday – Thank you guys for making your Swear-In Party such a great success!!! Good luck at post!

For everyone at home I was going to a picture post about swear-in and setting up for the party that we (The Peer Support Network) threw on Friday night for all the new volunteers BUT my camera was stolen.

So instead I leave you with a picture of my giant party weave:

Love You
- Z


  1. Your braids are so cool! You are much braver than I am... can you believe I've never had braided weave??? Sorry about your camera. :-\

    1. It didn't hurt but it was HEAVY!! -- As far as the camera, I always download all of my pictures before going to a big event so all I really lost was the camera and pictures from that night. It's a bummer but worse things have happened :) Get some braids!!