Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4 Years Ago Things Started To Change

Even though my absentee ballot did not present itself to me until the day before the election.
Even though I am way out here in West Africa.
I eventually figured out how to vote today.. via fax!
Oh Technology!

Did you vote?

Four years ago.. When Obama was first voted into office... It was one of those moments (every generation gets a few) that as the years go by we will all always remember (and probably be asked by our children) exactly where we were when it was announced that Obama would be the next President. Without getting political.. I just am going to say I hope that today our country is able to pull together and make the right decision. That being said.. in America the right decision (whether I like the outcome or not) is the decision of the informed voter... and it is the decision that the majority supports. Go to the polls... Know your facts.. and VOTE for what you believe in.

A fellow volunteer in Benin wrote a really great blog post about the American Election HERE.


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